Our History

The History of Ashlar Lodge #639

In presenting the history of Ashlar Lodge, we mention the fact that the vision of the Masonic Temple at 8910 Miles Park   Avenue and the further realization of the need of a new Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in this vicinity prompted the organization of our Lodge.

     At a meeting held November 9th, 1916, in the Masonic Lodge Room at 8444 Broadway, plans of organization were formulated. A petition for Dispensation was drawn up and at a meeting on March  1, 1917, the name of our Lodge was decided upon. The first meeting was held on May 31, 1917.

     At the meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, F. & A.M. held in Springfield in October, 1917, the Dispensation was returned and a Charter granted to the Lodge, the number being 639. On November 1, 1917, the Formal Constitution and Consecration took place. During the period of Dispensation from May 31, 1917, to October 18, 1917, fourteen petitions were received, the Entered Apprentice Degree conferred upon nine candidates, the Fellow Craft Degree on seven and seven were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

     In the spring of 1969, Newburgh Temple Company, due to increasing maintenance and lack of secure parking, elected to place Newburg Temple for sale. After investigation by the committee, Ashlar Lodge accepted the proposal of Bedford Masonic Temple Association and in the fall of 1969 moved to Bedford Masonic Temple, 38 Tarbell Avenue, Bedford, Ohio.

     In the fall of 1984, Emmanuel Lodge #605, due to declining attendance, appointed a Committee on Consolidation. After visiting various lodges in the district, it was recommended that Emmanuel Lodge #605 consolidate with Ashlar Lodge #639. On December 6, 1984, a resolution was read in Emmanuel Lodge #605 to consolidate with Ashlar Lodge #639. A ballot on the resolution was taken on Thursday, January 17,  1985, and was passed unanimously. Approval for the consolidation was given by the Grand Lodge of Ohio, effective April  1, 1985.

     Due to a variety of issues at The Bedford Temple, a committee was formed during the fall of 1985 to devise the best plan of action for Ashlar Lodge: to stay where we were, build our own building or move to a new location. In the spring of 1986 the committee recommended that Ashlar Lodge move to Maple Heights Masonic Temple at 5185 Lee Road in Maple Heights, Ohio and the move took place in the summer of 1986.

      From the beginning, the relocation to Maple Heights was considered temporary. The Temple was small and it was necessary to rent additional storage space elsewhere. As a result, a building committee was formed and several sites were investigated with the intention of Ashlar Lodge possibly purchasing its own Temple.

      In the spring of 1990, a visit was made to Summit Masonic Temple in Twinsburg and ultimately Ashlar Lodge relocated to the Summit Masonic Temple on August 1, 1991.